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My ford wouldn't crank The mechanic here took me through several steps to help me find the issue. He was patient and he used layman's term so I was able to understand. Recommended
Mattie Leslie
June 5, 2023
I only needed confirmation from a mechanic that I performed maintenance correctly on my Subaru. The mechanic knew exactly what I was talking about and confirmed I had done the procedure correctly. Saved me a lot of money compared to taking the car into the dealership.
June 5, 2023
I spoke with David about my car and he gave me some really good advice. My car now is running again! Saved me so much money not needing to hire a mechanic in town. Thank you so much
Jordan Montague
June 4, 2023
Car problems and I couldn't find the answer. I spent days on it. But these guys provided the right answer in minutes, which meant I got to fix it in my garage instead of towing it to the dealer. Superb!
Doug Emory
June 3, 2023
Jay was really helpful with my car issue and finding the transmission speed sensor. I spoke to him by phone and it made all the difference. Saved me so much time. I'm really glad I tried this service!
Ray Kolby
June 3, 2023
They gave me quick and detailed instructions for how to remove and install car parts. The service is great, I use them often.
Derick Marley
June 2, 2023

Why People Choose Us

Ask an online mechanic for their thoughts.

Friendly Guided Service

Guiding you step by step through the any repair, simple or advanced.

Ask Mechanics Online For Advice

Expert Mechanics

Helping you troubleshoot and solve general and mechanical issues.

Ask an online mechanic for help.

Save Time & Money

Saving you time and money at the a garage. Can be used as a second opinion on repair estimates.

Unlimited Conversations


No appointments, no waiting, no hidden fees. Ask as many questions, as often as you like. An expert mechanic is always available.

talk to a mechanic online

Simple & Advanced Repairs


Our network of certified and expert mechanics can help with all types of car repairs in minutes.

asking a mechanic for help online.

Why pay more when you don't have to?

When carrying out any repair to your car, lacking expertise can really end up costing you a lot of time and money.

It's best to make sure it's done right the first time. So your choices are read articles online for hours or days or visit a garage with expensive fees, only to not know if you've overcharged or not.

With the best of both worlds, our service bridges the gap between expert help and cost.

You can have an expert mechanic, guiding you at every step of the way making sure there are no mistakes and avoid expensive garage fees.

This is a win-win for all and the obvious choice. Speak to an expert right now and see, for yourself, you'll be more than happy with the service.

Ask the mechanic
Ask an online mechanic for their thoughts.

Ask a Mechanic Live Chat Feature – How Does it Work?

Don't want to read? You can watch a video of this content here.

Here we describe and detail how the live chat function works in this short article, and here are the key takeaways.

  • Our ask mechanic live chat feature is a fast and easy way to ask a mechanic online and get expert technical assistance in real-time.
  • Our online mechanics are highly trained and experienced, having obtained training, education, years of industry experience, professional associations, and accreditations, as well as great customer feedback.
  • You can use the online mechanic chat feature to ask various questions, including diagnostic issues, car repair recommendations, general maintenance suggestions, or perhaps something as simple as questions about mileage.
  • Thousands of users save time while getting specialist help from the convenience of their own house or place of work, by making use of the ask mechanic online chat service.
  • We advise readers to use the live chat feature for themselves to figure out the value and use of the service, as well as to watch out for any special discounts or promotions that may be offered.

It’s crucial to have access to qualified assistance to maintain and fix your automobile.

However, not everyone has the time or means to speak to a mechanic in person or go to a repair shop when they need quick answers to their automobile problems.

This is where asking a mechanic online and getting easy-to-understand real-time recommendations can help.

Our ask mechanic online chat service provides the convenience and speed of getting quick answers to critical issues by enabling users to chat with a car mechanic directly and in real-time and get answers.

Whether you’re having an issue with your vehicle and require a diagnostic or looking for general repair and maintenance insight, a live chat service can offer you the specialist advice you need.

Aside from the ease of asking a mechanic online from the convenience of your own home or workplace, there are a number of other advantages to using our ask mechanic live chat service.

It can save you time and money, for instance, by eliminating the requirement to go to an automotive service center in person, where they might just overcharge you to repair your car.

Overall, a live chat solution is a superb resource for anyone looking for rapid and practical professional mechanical guidance or easy-to-understand answers to car repair and maintenance questions.

What Are The Main Benefits of an Ask a Mechanic Live Chat Feature?

Efficient communication: A live chat service allows you to contact an online mechanic quickly and easily without needing phone calls or in-person visits.

This might save you time and effort, especially if you cannot leave your house or job quickly.

Repair recommendations: If you know the problem but aren't sure how to fix it, a live chat service can offer repair suggestions.

A mechanic can go over the many possibilities and assist you in determining the most cost-effective and dependable solution.

Cost-effective: Using a live mechanic chat service can save money by eliminating the need to visit a repair shop in person.

Many live chat services also provide specials or discounts, which can help cut the cost of seeking expert advice even more.

Convenient: Whether you have a severe car problem or want to ask a general maintenance question, an online ask a mechanic questions service is a convenient method to get expert help.

You can talk to an online mechanic whenever convenient without arranging an appointment or waiting for a phone call to be returned.

Chatting with a mechanic is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking expert technical guidance because of its convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Ask a Mechanic Unlimited Questions: When you speak with the car mechanic online, you can get as much mechanic advice as you need, there are no limits on how much you can use the car help chat service. 

24×7 Access: You can ask mechanic questions no matter what time of day it is. If you're stuck at 4 am and all garages are closed, no problem, ask the mechanic in our chat and instant mechanic answers to all your auto repair questions. 

100% Remote & Online: Mechanic talk is no longer restricted to your local garage; with our 24×7 mechanic help service, you can discuss your vehicle's issues with a certified mechanic anytime, anywhere. You can get online mechanic advice from the comfort of your home, instead of paying for a Tow to take your car to a local garage and then pay the expensive garage fees on top of that. This way the mechanic online can save you a tonne of time and money. 

What Kind of Car or Mechanical Issues Can be Solved Through Online Chat?

Diagnostic issues: If you're having trouble with your vehicle and aren't sure what's wrong, an ask mechanics online service can help you receive a diagnostic.

You can describe your symptoms, and a mechanic online can offer their experienced opinion on the likely source of the problem.

Repair recommendations: If you know the problem but aren't sure how to fix it, here you can ask a mechanic, and they will answer your car questions and give repair suggestions.

An online mechanic can diagnose and go over the many possibilities and assist you in determining the most cost-effective and dependable solution for your auto repair.

Maintenance assistance: A live chat service can also be a valuable resource for general maintenance assistance.

You could wish to inquire about the suggested frequency for oil changes or tire rotations, or you might have questions about how to care for your vehicle properly.

Parts suggestions: If you need to replace a part on your car, a live chat service will advise you on the best type and brand of replacement parts to use.

A certified mechanic can make recommendations based on their knowledge and experience and can assist you in finding a dependable and cost-effective solution.

Overall, an auto mechanic live chat service may be an excellent resource for a variety of mechanical queries and issues, ranging from diagnostic issues to repair recommendations, general maintenance guidance, and also advice on local mechanic services if need be.

How Good Are The Mechanics Available on Chat?

We are delighted to offer a team of highly qualified and experienced auto mechanics available to answer your queries via our live chat function at mechanicanswer.com.

Our mechanics have had substantial training, experience, study, qualifications, and certifications in all types of vehicle repair.

This indicates their level of knowledge and commitment to their craft.

Our professional mechanics have a plethora of industrial experience in addition to their training.

Many have been working as mechanics for several years and have specialized in certain areas.

This enables them to offer informed and expert assistance on various mechanical concerns.

Our mechanics are also members of professional organizations such as the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (NIASE), exhibiting their knowledge of the industry.

We are dedicated to giving the best possible service to our customers, as seen by the good feedback and reviews we have received from previous users of our live chat service.

If you have any queries about your vehicle, we recommend that you use our online mechanic help service to witness for yourself the level of skill and customer satisfaction available to you. Try it out and ask a mechanic a question today.

Examples of Car Questions Answered With Our Mechanic Live Chat Service.

“What could be causing my check engine light to light up?” One of our mechanics performed a detailed diagnosis of the various causes of the check engine light being illuminated, which included difficulties with the oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, or fuel system. They also advised debugging the problem and identifying the root cause. 

“I'm having difficulty starting my car; what could be the issue?”One of our mechanics diagnosed the problem as a faulty starter motor and gave step-by-step replacement instructions. They also advised on where to acquire a high-quality replacement part and how to ensure a smooth and effective repair.

“I need to change my oil; what type of oil should I use?” Based on the make and model of the car, as well as the precise driving conditions, one of our mechanics recommended the optimum type of oil to use. They also advised on how frequently to replace the oil and stressed the need to use high-quality oil.

These are just a few frequent questions that have been asked and answered via our ask a mechanic live chat service. Our professional automotive technicians have helped many people save time and money while keeping their vehicles running smoothly by giving helpful and dependable advice.

So if you've got any car repair questions, with our auto mechanic help service you can ask a mechanic on the phone or by chat and get all the car repair help online you need! Try it out and chat with a mechanic today.

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