Can I Ask Mechanic For Old Parts?

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Can I Ask a Mechanic For Old Parts?

Tired of buying expensive new car parts? Do you miss the days when things were built to last and a little wear and tear was normal? If so, you may wonder if your mechanic can give you some old parts. What are “old parts”? Are these century-old barn-dusty antiques? Almost.

Old parts are car parts that have been removed during repairs or maintenance and are just no longer in use. Also called used or refurbished parts often. Can your mechanic order these parts? Many thrifty car owners have questioned this subject, so it’s worth weighing the pros and cons. We’ll explore old car parts, advise and help you decide if they’re right for you.

Benefits of Requesting Old Car Parts

Cost Savings of Old Car Parts

Many are motivated by cost savings. New parts, especially rare or specialist ones, might be pricey. Requesting an old, refurbished or previously used part can cut repair costs, and sometimes by a large amount.

Environmental Benefits of Second-Hand Car Parts

Recycling car parts helps the environment. It reduces the need for new parts to be made, which are material and energy-intensive. By reusing and recycling car parts, you help contribute to a more sustainable automobile ecosystem. Opportunity to see the inner workings of your vehicle: Requesting an old part can teach you. Ask your mechanic to show you the part and explain how it works to better understand your vehicle. If you’re a DIYer or want to learn more about car maintenance, this is beneficial.


Potential Problems Requesting Old Car Parts

Requesting old car parts has many drawbacks, here’s what you should be aware of:

Limited availability of Second Hand Car Parts:

Mechanics don’t keep every part they remove. Many pieces are recycled or discarded. Thus, the mechanic may no longer have the old part. There are a huge amount of car makes and models, most with parts specific to them, having the exact part needed to repair your vehicle waiting in storage may not be possible. However, the mechanic may be able to order the part online for you. It's best to ask and see, or you can get online mechanic advice without chat service to see where the best place to buy the repair part needed would be online.


Age, and Wear of the Car Parts:

Even if the mechanic has the old part you need, it may not be in good condition. Wear, corrosion, and weathering can deteriorate parts over time. Using a worn-out part may cause future issues with your car. Ask your mechanic for advice on this, or speak to a mechanic online to get advice if using the old part is worth it. It may save you money in the short term, but if it keeps breaking down as a result, it may cost you more in the long run.


Possible Legal Issues of Second-Hand Car Parts:

Reusing some outdated parts may be unlawful. For example, roadworthy brake pads and rotors must adhere to legal safety standards of where you are based. It’s important to understand the applicable laws and regulations for the part you’re requesting. If you are unsure you can ask the mechanic in person and see what they advise or use a live mechanic chat online as a second option or reassured that it is the correct choice, or steered clear from the wrong one. So before requesting outdated parts, consider the pros and cons.


Mechanic repairing car with old car parts

How to Ask Mechanics for Old Parts

If you decide to request an old part, do so properly, here’s how.

Do Your Research and Have a Specific Part in Mind:

Before visiting the mechanic, know what part you need. If possible, find the part number and bring it. This will help the mechanic find and verify the part’s compatibility with your car's make, model, and year.


Communicate Clearly and Respectfully with the Mechanic:

Ask for what you want, but be kind. Explain why you want the old part and listen to the mechanic and the advice they give. If you doubt their advice, speak with a second mechanic or an online one.


Be aware that the mechanic may not have or be able to offer the part you need:

Old car and engine parts require realistic expectations. Due to legal or safety considerations, the mechanic may not have the part you need, be able to source the part you need, or may even advise against using an old part in your specific repair case. If so, don’t get mad. Respect the mechanic’s choice of the part. You are also free to get a second opinion if you doubt the mechanic's advice.


Alternatives to Asking A Mechanic for Old Parts

If the mechanic doesn’t have the part you need or you can’t get an old one, there are other options:

Buying Used Car Parts From a Junkyard or Online Marketplace:

Used car parts are cheap in junkyards and online markets like eBay and Craigslist. Before buying, check the part’s compatibility and condition.


OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts:

OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer that produced the original parts for your car. These parts are usually more expensive than aftermarket ones, but they are usually higher quality and come with a warranty.


Aftermarket car components:

Aftermarket parts are made by firms other than the original manufacturer and are compatible with many cars. These parts are cheaper than OEM parts, however, quality varies. Before buying aftermarket components, research and read reviews. Budget and priorities determine your best alternative. Before choosing, weigh your options.



Asking a mechanic for old components might save money on the upkeep and repairs of your car. It’s educational for you about your car and better for the environment. However, the limited availability of second-hand parts, wear and tear, and legal difficulties must be considered on a case-by-case basis by you. Research and clearly communicate with your mechanic before requesting used car parts. If you can’t get old parts, you can buy refurbished, OEM, or aftermarket parts. Your needs and budget determine the best solution for you.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are old car parts?

Old car parts refer to components that have been taken out of a vehicle during repairs or maintenance and no longer function. They may also be referred to as used or refurbished parts.

Are There Advantages to Reusing Old Car Parts?

Yes, there are numerous advantages to using used car parts. These include cost savings, environmental advantages through recycling and an opportunity to learn about your vehicle's internal workings.

What are the potential hazards associated with requesting old car parts?

Some potential issues include limited availability of second-hand parts, age and wear issues, as well as legal repercussions if certain outdated parts fail safety tests.

How do I ask a mechanic for old car parts?

Before visiting the mechanic, do your due diligence and research the part number if possible. Communicate clearly and respectfully with the mechanic, explaining why you need the old part and taking their advice into consideration.

What are the alternatives to asking a mechanic for old parts?

If your mechanic doesn't have what you need or cannot obtain an old part, you could consider buying used car parts from junkyards or online marketplaces, OEM parts, or aftermarket car components. Be sure to do research and weigh all options before making a decision.

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Chat With a Mechanic?

24/7 Expert Mechanics To Help Solve Any Issues Your Having.

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