Ford Freestyle Won’t Start? Here’s Quick Solutions to the Most Common Causes

Ford Freestyle won't start

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Let's face it, we've all experienced it, you've got places to be, so you get in your Ford Freestyle, turn the key, and … drum roll please … nothing! Your Freestyle won't start up! This an extremely annoying situation to find yourself in, however, don't worry, we've got you covered. There are lots and lots of causes why your Ford Freestyle won't start, and for this guide, to save you time we'll cover the most common reasons as well as provide you with practical options to get your vehicle back on the road faster than two shakes of a lamb's tail!


Understanding the Problem

car not starting

Before we get stuck into the causes and repair options it's important to initially have an understanding of the issue. When you realize to yourself “My Ford Freestyle won't start”, this could be because of a multitude of issues being wrong with your car. Perhaps the engine is not turning over at all, potentially it is turning over partially but then not starting, or perhaps it's making a clicking noise when you attempt to start the engine, however in the end nothing happens. Each of these cases can be indicative of different problems with your car.

Common Reasons Why Your Ford Freestyle Won't Start

There are various reasons that a Freestyle will not start up. These issues usually include a dead or weak car battery, a broken alternator, starter motor problems, fuel system failures, as well as electrical or circuitry complications. Every one of these problems can manifest as different symptoms and require separate solutions to troubleshoot and resolve, so we can get your car back on the road ASAP.

Symptoms of Ford Freestyle That Won't Start

Being able to identify and diagnose these symptoms, will assist you in finding the underlying cause of the issue. For example, when you turn the key in the ignition, and you hear a clicking sound however your vehicle still won't start, it can mean that there is a problem with the fuel or ignition system.

Analysis of The Reasons Why Your Ford Freestyle Won't Start

The very first step to discovering a solution to the problem is getting to grips with the root cause of that problem, so let's look into the most common reasons your Freestyle will not start.

Ford Freestyle Battery Issues

Auto mechanic replacing car battery

In most cases, the most common reason why your Ford Freestyle fails to start is, in many cases because of the battery, it's either weak or dead, and you need to either recharge your car's battery or replace it. The vehicle's battery stores the power required to start the engine, and power all the electrical parts in your Ford Freestyle. Signs of a weak or dead battery issue in a Freestyle, are things like the vehicle being slow to crank the engine, dim or weak headlights, or a lit-up battery warning light on your car's dashboard.

Ford Freestyle Alternator Problems

is my alternator stopping my car from starting?

The alternator is tasked with charging the battery from the engine while the vehicle is running. A damaged alternator can certainly stop your Ford Freestyle from starting as it wont have the ability to charge up the battery, from the engine, so it will drain all the way down until it's totally dead and you only realize it when you can't get your Ford started. Signs that the alternator is faulty can be a lit-up battery or alternator caution light on the dashboard, dim headlights when the engine is idling, and also a whining or grinding noise from the engine while it's running.

Ford Freestyle Starter Motor Failures

my car wont start is the starter motor?

When you start your Ford Freestyle, the starter motor deals with turning the engine over (cranking it). If the starter motor is defective in some manner then the engine will not crank, and your Freestyle will not start. You can tell if your starter motor has an issue or not typically by listening, if you hear a clicking noise when you turn the key in the ignition or a grinding sound during the start-up, or your vehicle can start, but only intermittently then the starter motor may very well be the problem.

Ford Freestyle Fuel System Complications

my car wont start but clicks

We’re not talking about when you merely run out of gas here, but your car’s fuel system itself having issues. Your Ford Freestyle uses a combustion engine, andfor that reason to start and run, it requires a mix of enough fuel and air. If your Freestyle issues are because of a faulty fuel system, this might be a clogged fuel filter or a failing fuel pump relay, which could suggest the engine might not be getting the fuel it requires to get the vehicle up and running.

Ford Freestyle Electrical System or Wiring Problems

can electrics be a reason a car wont start

Today’s modern Ford Freestyles rely heavily on electronic components, which can mean there are lots of things that can potentially fail. Even in an older car, you can still have fairly normal problems such as blown fuses, spark plug issues, a faulty ignition switch, or a faulty sensor, and more. These can be a few of the numerous electrical reasons why your vehicle won't get started. Signs of a wiring or electrical issue can vary vastly but can typically include the engine not cranking, or your Freestyle can start but only intermittently or numerous warning lights are lit up on the car’s dash. To correctly identify and fix these kinds of problems, you will need the skills of a knowledgeable car mechanic in your area or online.

Solutions & Repair Tips

As soon as you have found out what the reason for your car  failing to start is. The next logical step is obviously to attempt to repair it. Here are some suggestions for the common problems we've covered previously.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Battery Issues in a Ford Freestyle

my car wont start i think its the battery

If you think it's possible a battery issue is the reason why your Freestyle has trouble starting, then the first thing you must do is check the battery terminals. You want them to be clean, not corroded, and firmly connected. If you happen to find that the terminals are in fact corroded you can attempt cleaning them with a mix of baking soda and water. If the battery is just old or weak, you will have to replace it, otherwise, even if you charge it up enough to start the car, it will likely deplete quickly again in the near future. You can use a multimeter as a way to test the life of the battery to see if it’s worth saving or if it needs replacing. You can ask a professional car mechanic online or in your area to help you with this.

How to Diagnose Alternator Problems in a Ford Freestyle

car wont start, jumped and started alternator

If the alternator is what you suspect is the culprit, you can test it to see for yourself. If you can get the car to start up temporarily (you may need to jump-start the car for that), but once it’s going, let the car run, and while the engine is running, disconnect the positive terminal of the battery. It's most likely the result of a fault with the alternator if you discover your Ford Freestyle dies immediately when you disconnect the positive terminal. However, be warned this test can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, and might damage the delicate electronic parts in your Ford Freestyle, so in this case best to discuss this with a professional mechanic local to you or online, prior to ever attempting this.

How to Identify Starter Motor Failures in a Ford Freestyle

starter motor issues in a ford

It's likely a problem with your starter motor if you hear the clicking sound but the engine doesn't crank. In this case, the solution is to have the starter motor changed for a new one by a professional mechanic.

How to Deal With Fuel System Issues in a Ford Freestyle

clogged fuel filter car wont start

If you suspect the issue to be because of a fuel system problem, listen for the fuel pump when you turn the key to the “on” position, before starting up the car. You should hear a humming sound for a few seconds. It may be there is a problem with the fuel pump if you are unable to hear this noise. If you discover your Ford is hard to start, it stalls, or it has bad acceleration, it might be a result of a clogged fuel filter. Both of these will likely need a professional car mechanic in order to correctly repair.

How to Fix Electrical or Wiring Problems in a Ford Freestyle

fuses to check when car wont start

If you suspect it's an electrical wiring or electrical system problem, first inspect the fuses associated with the ignition system, and change any that have blown. If your Freestyle starts after this, then it was a successful, low-cost and simple repair! However, if the vehicle refuses to start, even intermittently it could be an issue with the ignition switch itself. If various warning lights are visible on your dashboard, it might be because of a damaged sensor. These problems can be really complex and a professional car mechanic is most likely required to diagnose and fix it.

Preventive Steps

As my dad always said “Prevention is better than cure”, so here are some preventative measures to make sure you prevent any Ford Freestyle starting troubles again!

Regular Maintenance of Your Ford Freestyle:

Regular maintenance on car to prevent starting issues

Routine maintenance of your Ford Freestyle is of the utmost importance to avoiding future difficulties. This includes things like regular oil changes, checking your car battery, cleaning the terminals, replacing the fuel filter as advised/required, and having your vehicle inspected by a professional car mechanic regularly. You can consult a mechanic locally or online if you are uncertain or confused about the regular maintenance tasks required for your specific car.

Drive Your Ford Freestyle Frequently:

drive regular to avoid car troubles

If you happen to leave your Ford Freestyle in your garage for extended periods of time without driving it, the battery may run out of charge as it's not receiving any electrical charge from the engine running being in use. Try to drive your Freestyle frequently to keep the battery charged up. Take it for a fast spin to make sure there is still charge in the battery if you remember you have not driven your Ford for a while. Worth noting: letting the battery fully drain, is also damaging for the long-term life of the battery, try not to do this.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs:

Check Engine Control Light on a Vehicle Dashboard

If you notice anything out of the ordinary like uncommon noises, a difference in driving and performance, or alert lights are now visible on the dash, do not disregard them. These can be early signs of a problem and are best being dealt with ASAP before they become much bigger issues down the line. Chat with a car mechanic locally or online about these issues and find out if they need to be addressed.

When to Ask a Ford Mechanic Online

If you want to save time, want an expert Ford mechanic on hand guiding and advising you, or you've actually attempted to solve it yourself, however regardless of your best efforts your Freestyle can't start, then chatting with a Ford mechanic online can be a fantastic choice. It certainly beats googling things like “Ford lights turn on but wont start” all day and still getting no where.

Advantages of an Online Ford Mechanic

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Online mechanic services, like ours in the bottom right of this page, offer a number of benefits. You can get skilled Ford mechanic advice 24×7 and without leaving your home, which is particularly useful if your vehicle will not start and is stuck in the driveway. It can also help you save money as online mechanic consultations are much less expensive than a physical visit to a local mechanic near you. Plus, you can get responses quickly, which is terrific if you're in a hurry, need a second opinion, or you simply prefer having an expert Ford mechanic on hand.

How Services Like Can Assist You

Ask a mechanic online about my car not starting connects you with accredited specialist mechanics who can supply instantaneous aid, guidance and recommendations with all issues and all Ford models. So it doesn't matter if your Ford Freestar won't start or it's your Freestyle that you're having issues with, we've got the mechanics online that with a little bit of information over a chat box, can solve anything for you.

You have the ability to describe the issues you are having with your car, ask Ford mechanics unlimited questions, and even submit photos and videos so you are able to show the mechanic what you mean. You can speak with them through online chat or by call, whichever you prefer. The Ford mechanic will help you detect the issue, advise you on what are the best options for your individual circumstance and even assist you through easy maintenance and repair work step by step.

So feel free to try out our Ford mechanic chat service and see for yourself!


To wrap up, when your Ford Freestyle is unable to start, it will likely be a major bummer and a huge inconvenience. However, having a firm grasp of what might be causing the problems, being able to troubleshoot them, and knowing what actions are required in each case, and where to get help if needed, will be a substantial help. Remember that routine maintenance is key to preventing the majority of vehicle problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if my Ford Freestyle doesn’t start? 

To start with, don't panic. Try to identify any signs that could indicate an issue, such as unusual sounds, warning lights on the dash, or changes in performance. The cause of the issue is likely among the most common causes talked about in this guide. You will need the help of a mechanic in your area or online if you can't find the cause of the problem yourself.


How to tell if my Ford Freestyle won't start because of the battery?

Signs of a battery issue in a Freestyle include the engine being slow to crank, dim headlights, and lit battery warning lights on the dash. You can also check the battery terminals to see if they are clean, not corroded, and tightly connected. It might be best to just change it if the battery is old or weak.


How can I prevent my Ford Freestyle not starting issues?

In order to make sure this annoyance never takes place again, routine maintenance is essential. This includes things like oil changes, inspecting the battery and cleaning its terminals, changing the fuel filter as recommended/required, and getting your Ford Freestyle checked by a mechanic regularly. It's also a fantastic idea to drive the car routinely so the battery remains charged.


Can I ask a mechanic online if my Ford Freestyle won't start? 

Yes, you can. An online mechanic service like ours can supply instant expert Ford mechanic assistance and advice, without you having to leave your house. This is especially beneficial if your car can't start and is stuck in the driveway.


How can services like help if my Ford Freestyle will not start?

We link you with accredited specialist Ford mechanics who can offer guidance on your particular circumstance. You can inform them about your vehicle problems, ask unlimited questions, and even upload images and videos so you can effectively describe and show the problem. The mechanic will be able to help, troubleshoot, identify the problem, suggest the best course of action and guide you along the way.

Chat With a Mechanic?

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Which Mechanic Suits You?

  1. Chat with an Online Mechanic to get instant and unlimited help and advice for 1 week, for just $5.
  2. Get in-person help from a Mobile Mechanic Near You.  We recommend Fixter.  They will come to you and fix your vehicle at a time that suits you. Instant free quote online below.

Which Mechanic Suits You?

  1. Chat with an Online Mechanic to get instant and unlimited help and advice for 1 week, for just $5.
  2. Get in-person help from an Mobile Mechanic Near You. They will come to you and fix your vehicle at a time that suits you. Instant free quote online below.

Which Mechanic Suits You?

  1. Chat with an Online Mechanic to get instant and unlimited help and advice for 1 week, for just $5.
  2. Get in-person help from a Mobile Mechanic Near You. They will come to you and fix your vehicle at a time that suits you. Instant free quote online below.

Which Mechanic Suits You?

  1. Chat with an Online Mechanic to get instant and unlimited help and advice for 1 week, for just $5.
  2. Get in-person help from a Mobile Mechanic Near You.  We recommend Fixter.  They will come to you and fix your vehicle at a time that suits you. Instant free quote online below.

Which Mechanic Suits You?

  1. Chat with an Online Mechanic to get instant and unlimited help and advice for 1 week, for just $5.
  2. Get in-person help from a Mobile Mechanic Near You. We recommend YourMechanic. They will come to you and fix your vehicle at a time that suits you. Instant free quote online below.

Where Can I Find My VIN?

Your vehicle’s unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be found on the title document, the vehicle registration, and the insurance policy. It is a series letters and numbers like this as example: WAUGC0896JA235262. The VIN can also be located on the following locations on the vehicle itself:

how to find VIN on vehicle