How to Use Airtags for Car Safety

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How can Airtags be Used for Car Security?

With the rise in car thefts and break-ins, car safety has become a top priority for vehicle owners.

One recent tool available that can help with this is the Apple AirTag.

These small coin-shaped devices use Bluetooth technology to connect to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via iPhone or iPod.

In this article we'll look at ways you can utilize Apple AirTags for car security and help you outrank the article provided.


What is an Apple AirTag?

An Apple AirTag is a small circular device that can be attached to items like keys, bags or wallets.

It uses Bluetooth technology to link with your iPhone or other Apple device, enabling you to track the location of that particular gadget.


How Can an Apple AirTag Benefit Your Car Safety?

One way to use an Apple AirTag for car security is by attaching it to the key of your car.

If it gets stolen, you can use Find My app on your iPhone to track its location and eventually locate it.

Alternatively, attaching the AirTag inside of your vehicle may help locate it if parked in a large parking lot.


How Can You Hide an Apple AirTag in Your Car?

You can hide an Apple AirTag in your car by placing it in a discreet location.

For instance, attaching it under the seat, in the glove compartment or trunk may all work – just make sure that this spot isn't easily visible to potential thieves.


How does the Precision Finding feature work?

The Precision Finding feature in the Find My app allows you to locate your AirTag with even greater accuracy.

When within Bluetooth range of its location, the app will guide you there using sound and haptic feedback – especially helpful if the AirTag is hidden away somewhere, like in your car.

This feature works especially well if the AirTag is hidden away in a small space such as under a seat.


How Do You Set Up an Apple AirTag?

Setting up your AirTag couldn't be simpler.

Simply remove the plastic tab, bring it close to your iPhone, and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can also personalize your AirTag with a name or emoji for easier identification in Find My app.


How do you replace the battery in an Apple AirTag?

Apple AirTag batteries are designed to last up to one year, and when your unit starts getting low you'll receive a notification on your iPhone.

To replace it, just twist the back counterclockwise and take out the old battery; insert a new CR2032 battery, and finally twist back clockwise again to close it securely.


What is the price of an Apple AirTag?

At the time of writing this, each AirTag costs $29. You may also purchase a four-pack of AirTags for just $99 at this time.

Apple AirTags can be an invaluable asset for car safety. By attaching one to your key or inside your vehicle, you can track the location of your car if it's stolen or lost.

Plus, with Precision Finding, it even works better! Setting up and replacing batteries on an AirTag is simple, and at $29 price point it provides a cost-effective solution for vehicle security.


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